Release / Jan 12, 2020

CHANGE View stats were changed to use an internal tracking mechanism instead of Keen is nice, but a bit expensive for a prototype project like this. I used it mainly to experiment with the capabilities.

CHANGE Made the publish option be a toggle and improved the icon indicator.

BUG Fixed crash with invitations not having a name field.

CHANGE Added home_page as a social network option.

CHANGE Enabled standard sign-up, wait list no longer needed.

Release / Nov 10, 2019

FEATURE Added 'Presentation' mode so that your Bibliogrify documents can be used in webcasts. Look for the little 'slideshow' icon on Node show and display pages. This will open a vertical window to allow selection of citations (including archive links and screenshots) and have the item clicked on show up in another window. You can focus your webcast video on the presentation window and control it with the vertical selector.

CHANGE Minor CSS cleanup.

BUG Fixed crash visiting citation links.

BUG Fixed handling of bogus routes.

Release / Oct 12, 2019

BUG Search now excludes content from hidden users.

CHANGE Refactored link verification code.

BUG Fixed an issue with displaying unavailable links.

CHANGE Added sanitization of content for security.

Release / Aug 30, 2019

CHANGE Switched to Sidekiq/Redis for background processing

CHANGE Switched to Puma web server

CHANGE Enabled Redis cache for performance

CHANGE Added social media links to footer

CHANGE Multiple subtle UI/CSS tweaks

FEATURE Added base code for view analytics

CHANGE CSS/layout tweaks to better handle handheld devices

NOTE The mobile UI is optimized for visitors, not for content creation or management. If this project gets traction I'll build out the mobile front end more. Mainly it's the drop-down menus which aren't available on a touch device.

BUG Don’t show hidden users in search results

Release / Aug 4, 2019

CHANGE Can now change name and slug

FEATURE Added search function under new "Explore" menu

FEATURE Added publish switch so you can edit your Nodes and then publish when they're finished

CHANGE User rating now also includes invitations

CHANGE Clean up title wrap around on long citations

CHANGE Add placeholders for citation form for easier input

CHANGE Creating a citation now redirects to the edit page for it

RELEASE First public beta release

CHANGE Added placeholders on user console to handle new users

BUG Fixed various deploy issues

Release / Jun 30, 2019

FEATURE Support for Rebuttals.

CHANGE Added color hints for required fields

CHANGE Added support for Bitchute, Parler and Minds social networks

CHANGE Added internal waitlist mechanism

BUG Fixed a few missing validations

Release / May 26, 2019

CHANGE Add Google Forms wait-list

CHANGE Various UI clean-up

CHANGE Switch ActiveStorage to AWS S3

CHANGE Add Devise-invitable so approved users can invite others (TBD)

FEATURE User Stats and Top User page

BUG Fixed missed comment-delete buttons

CHANGE Comments are now soft-deleted instead of hard-deleted so that abusive use patterns can be analyzed

FEATURE Added ability to import Citations from other Nodes

Release / Apr 1, 2019


Release / Jan 5, 2019


Release / Nov 20, 2018


Release / Aug 1, 2018