• The Bibliography - A Strategy for Content Confirmation & Fact-Checking

    How can a content creator deal with today's challenges? The tried and true bibliography is an easy and efficient tool for the issues present. By providing links to either supporting data or original source media (photos, audio, video), the veracity of content is instantly elevated.
  • Rehosted Blog and Release Notes

    In preparation for the public release of Bibliogrify, the internal blog and release notes mechanism has been replaced with a Jekyll site. This will make updates easier to manage and provide a better space to expound on what this project is trying to accomplish.

  • Presentation Mode

    A new feature has been added to help pod-casters use Bibliogrify to bring up their references on-screen when recording.
  • What's All This Then?

    The problem of 'Fake News' isn't a new one. The news media has been less than honest for quite some time. Bibliogrify hopes to improve the quality of news by making it easier for content creators to provide documentation for their work.